took a bit of flak this week when I commented on a news24 story

So my question is this, when you read a blog, do you really read it and digest the content before you comment, or do you read only a couple of words and get bashing at the keys to respond?

I read a blog on MyNews24 this week where the author was bemoaning the bloggers who spend their time writing about holidays, favourite restaurants etc., he then ended with a comment about the country in general.  My response was one of “well don’t read them if you don’t like it”.   I mean for goodness sake why keep reading them if they upset you so much?

Anyway, lo and behold a couple of people replied and gave it to me accusing me of having  blinkers on because  my family haven’t been victims of violent crime.  Now where did that come from?   I didn’t say anything about the country, or my family, or come to think about it accuse anybody of being wrong about anything.  In fact the blog I commented on was about the general content of blogs, and to be honest I didn’t think the guys blog was about violent crime anyway.

I’m still scratching my head over this one…


14 thoughts on “took a bit of flak this week when I commented on a news24 story

  1. Storm10

    What people say is generally a projection of their own reality and is not because of you. And f#$%ed-up people = f#$%ed-up realities. Walk away, nothing to do with you!

  2. JadedJayne

    hmmm…. if i find a blog too long winded I tend to move on, but I dont leave arb comments without having read the entire thing.Water / ducks back – know what I mean? 😉

  3. czardas

    Lots of people just comment what they want to, regardless of whether it fits with your postr or not. You can get angry or laugh. I have tried both reactions in the p[ast.

  4. half-pint

    I think a lot of people don’t read a post properly before they comment. I’ve often read some comments and have then re-read the post while scratching my head trying to figure out where the comment fits in because it’s so terribly out of context. The same goes for comments made on various media articles posted in News24.

  5. malma

    There are strange people hanging about, Ruth.I recently became a victim of a hate campaign simply because I said bloggers should not accuse another blogger of theft on a public forum. I apparently don’t have morals now.

  6. debra.bekker

    Ruth – people are bizarre. I wrote a letter to the Editor of N24 once a couple of months ago. It was about the xenophobic attacks in Du Noon in Cape Town, and how scared my Malawian domestic worker is. Well, you should have seen the vitriolic, violent, racist, nasty comments I got to my letter. A couple of people agreed with me, but the majority of people shat me out for employing a foreigner to start with (excuse me, but they have a fantastic work ethic – they’re here to EARN money, not to get a government hand out), so I won’t make excuses or defend the fact that I employ a foreigner. You cannot believe how badly I was attacked. It almost felt physical. I was quite traumatised by it, and then decided that “sticks and stones” and let it go. People are very weird.

  7. perks123

    Just wait till your family falls victim to crime, and you have to leave the country! Oh wait… :DNo srsly, a lot of comments here and on N24 in general, are clearly based on a skim-read. Well thought out responses tend to come from a complete reading of the article in question. It’s quite clear that a lot of N24 users have the attention span of a … oh look, the sun’s come out!

  8. powachair

    some people read without understanding the full context of the post/article then they comment on only one aspect of it, thereby taking the one sentence as being the gist of what you are trying to say. I answer some and just ignore or delete others and move on. Don’t let one or two negative comments influence you.

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