Have you got a Kindle?

Has anybody taken the technological leap and purchased a Kindle yet? 

I like gadgets and I love reading, and so with a little arm twisting I managed to swipe hubby’s credit card and buy one…cough, cough…I’m not always that sneaky…clearing throat once again…well OK then, yes I am.

So back to the Kindle.  I can’t wait to receive it, but sadly due to massive ordering and insufficient stock I have to wait until the middle of January 2011 for delivery.  It seems a long time to wait, but not really when you consider this past year has taken only about 3 months to complete its full 12 month cycle.

It will of course mean a change of reading habit.  I will no longer have to fold a corner to keep my place, or fumble around for a unwanted rates bill to use as a marker.  A well overdue rates bill I hasten to add, that hubby will futuristically accuse me of “putting away” when he can’t find it.  I in turn will of course feign being horribly hurt, and sneak it back on his desk only to triumphantly find it for him a couple of hours later

Come to think of it, a relaxing read in the bath would now also appear to be a thing of the past, unless I’m prepared to chance an expensive accident that is.  Can you just imagine me drooping off and letting it slip to its death beneath a mound of bubbles.  Eish!  I can just picture my hubby storming the bathroom, snorkel and goggles at the ready.  Suffice to say it would probably be nasty.

Anyway, accidents aside, I’m not all that sure what to expect, other than a small piece of wizardry that holds up to 3500 books.  Oh yes, and that its battery life is about a month before charging.  I can purchase books on line and within minutes they will have whizzed into my living room and onto the Kindle courtesy of my Wi-Fi.  What more could a girl want?  Well actually, seeing as you ask, maybe a nice Gucci carry bag for it?  Hmm, where is my hubby and his credit card?

“Darling, sweety, come here and let me twist your arm a little, can I give you a much needed


13 thoughts on “Have you got a Kindle?

  1. perks123

    You have to be into some really obscure stuff to get a lot of ‘not for Africa’ stuff on Amazon. Fear not though… you can buy ebooks through Kalahari for the SA market, and if not in the correct format, use Calibre to convert.

  2. rbh

    I know, I didn’t think I could be convinced, but moving house and carting all my books around gave me something to think about… as well as a sore back!

  3. anotherdayinparadise

    Hi Ruth. Hubby has kindle built into his iPad, and says it’s very useful, but he still prefers a proper book for serious reading. When travelling though, it’s a great toy. Enjoy your. xx

  4. Hop

    I love my Kindle. Great for travel and easy to use. Battery life is a boon.Only thing is a lot of good titles from Amazon are ‘not available for sale in Africa’Loaning books to friends do nto work well either….So paper will be here to stay

  5. perks123

    We have his and hers Kindles (3rd generation), as we’re both big readers. With the second order, we also ordered bespoke folders for both. The device itself is very light, and I’m concerned I’ll drop it or put it down roughly, hence the folder to deliberately add ‘bulk’. $35 a pop each.Next order will be for a twin LED lamp magodie that clamps onto the headboard. You need to get your head around the fact that a Kindle is not a laptop or tablet, the screen is not backlit, and it needs sufficient light. It is designed to replicate ink on paper, without any backlighting, which supposedly causes eye strain. This also makes it readable in sunlight. $12 for the lamp gizmo.Other than ordering books directly from Amazon, there are also hundreds of online resources for e-books that are out of copyright and freely available, particularly the classics. If you can live with yourself, there are also pirate copies of books in copyright for download. The most widely used formats are .epub and .lit.To load these onto your Kindle, download a piece of software called Calibre. This stores the books on your hard drive, and converts them to the Kindle format, .mobi.I love spending the rent money on books at Exclusive, and will continue to do so, for stuff that isn’t available for Kindle, e.g. my current read, Peter Godwin’s The Fear – the Last Days of Robert Mugabe. For now though, the Kindle rocks.

  6. malma

    Hehe, a Kindle in the bath would be a no-no.I think it would come in handy for those long road trips but it will probably take a while for me to get used to not having a real book in my hands.

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