Four little Christmas questions

Do you do the Xmas thing Christmas eve or Christmas day?

Me: Christmas day


What are you having for Christmas lunch/dinner?

Me: Starter – Prawns and pate. Main – Roast stuffed chicken, slow roasted lamb, chipolatas, crispy roast potatoes, salads, roasted veggies with cous-cous, bread sauce, mint sauce, redberry sauce, and some gravy. Pudding – Chocolate Yule log, Mince Pies, Ultra-mel custard, and if there’s any room left, a little bit of cheese and crackers with lovely figs


Who is joining you, or who are you joining?

Me: Family at my house – hold thumbs the weather is good, I want to eat in the garden!


When do you open your pressies?

Me: When we wake up, still in our PJ’s. Then once again when other family members have arrived at lunch time


8 thoughts on “Four little Christmas questions

  1. Storm10

    Going by the comments below and your delicious menue you have just been appointed to host a ‘Chrismas in July’ MOB next year (could you just add a lil roast duck for me, pretty please?). Have a fabulous time!!!!

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