How to get a Blackberry in four easy steps…and remember not to encourage negotiation, you’ll never win.

Shoot me down, tell me I’m a fool, but whatever you do, don’t tell my hubby I got my youngest daughter a Blackberry!


I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t, but technically I said I wouldn’t BUY her one. What I’ve actually done is get her a contract for one, so if you do feel the urge to tell my hubby I won’t feel  bad as I didn’t lie to him…phew, rationalized that one well.  *she gulps several times*


She was pretty good working me over to get it though, starting a couple of weeks before Xmas and eventually getting her way on Boxing Day. But what made the whole process so amusing was her new tactic of negotiating – negotiating now being her favourite word.


The first phase of negotiation was based on her first year final marks – the deal she suggested here was if her marks were over and above a college stipulated %, the college would discount next years fees, which I could then direct towards the cost of the phone. I didn’t agree or disagree, but rather laughed good-humourdely and left the negotiation hanging. Suffice to say she missed this by about 3%, the phone went up in smoke, and I breathed a sigh of relief.


The second phase started on Christmas day when she found I hadn’t surprised her with the Blackberry as a gift. “Ok, Mum, I will put ALL the money I have received today towards the phone….puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeease.” I once again didn’t agree or disagree, but rather laughed good-humouredly and left the negotiation hanging.


The third phase came about on Boxing day. The pair of us hit Cavendish and I was quickly escorted to Cellucity “to find out about the Blackberry Mum…”.

“Hmmm,” I heard myself say, several times during the sales man excellent pitch, which ended by the way with a warning that said special deal was only on for the next 2 days.


“OK, youngest daughter, let’s go and have some coffee and chat,” I managed to say and headed for some caffeine where I hoped to pull my thoughts together.  And of course ever hopeful I could distract her and leave Cavendish without the Blackberry.


Sometime between coffee and paying the bill, she managed her fourth and final negotiation, which I swear I must have slept through, or she drugged me. Before I knew it we were headed back to Cellucity where she donated a fraction of her Xmas money, and I’m now paying for 2 contracts instead of 1. Yes, people that is what I said, 2 bloody contracts, the old contract that ends in May 2011 and the new Blackberry for the next 2 years. What the hell did she give me? For all I can vaguely remember is signing my name on a piece of paper and loads of giggling going on around me.


The gigglers being youngest daughter, sales-lady, and another young woman who I have no idea of who she is, but seemed to be negotiating the same deal with her father, via her old phone. If I find out they were in cahoots…well, I’m not sure what I’ll do, but it could be nasty.


Negotiation people, do me a favour, it was more like a hostile takeover of my mind…not to mention my bank balance! Hell I need that girl close by when my next salary-review is on the table.

14 thoughts on “How to get a Blackberry in four easy steps…and remember not to encourage negotiation, you’ll never win.

  1. genie01

    When asked which phone I want for my upgrade about 2 years ago I said anything as long as it does not flip or slide open and definately not one of those Blueberry things. Yeah….did I have a hard time living that one down!lol

  2. rbh

    aren’t they just. Although, I forgot to include that she did point out that she had inherited the art of negotiation from her mother!

  3. malma

    Hehe, funny how our kids are such nifty negotiators when they want something but just give us the silent treatment when we want something from them.

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