Padraig Harrington and the nudging golf ball?

I am not a golfer, but I firmly feel Padraig Harrington’s disqualification from the Abu Dhabi Championship is outrageous. And as for the viewer phoning or emailing this so called offence in, well really, this person must surely be the most miserable person on the planet with no friends, life or clean underwear.


So well done you miserable plonker, your gold medal for being the most mean spirited person to ever grace this earth is in the post as we speak.


After hearing the headline I was expecting to the see Padraig nudging the ball some considerable distance. Instead I see an innocent fraction of a inch nudge, quite un-deliberate and most certainly not sufficient to better his next shot or win him the tournament.


But it makes you wonder doesn’t it? Should we all now be challenging every dubious call in every sport we watch?  


As I fear the answer to this will be a big old YES, I will shortly be applying for a direct line to the umpires chair at Wimbledon’s centre court, for this year’s June/July championship.


I would imagine several million others will also be doing so, and I would like to suggest the organizers attach a switchboard to the umpires chair, or if this is a little cumbersome they could set up a nice little call centre, around the base line, to field the calls.

So much for the ref’s word is final.  In future he’ll probably be carrying a phone down his shorts and asking if he can call a friend…Give me strength.


5 thoughts on “Padraig Harrington and the nudging golf ball?

  1. Hop

    The issue is Rugby and Cricket do not require the player to declare a breach of the rules. Golf does. There is a referee in Golf, but his primary function is to make rulings.The player is responsible for adhering to the rules and stating when he has not and applying the penalty

  2. rbh

    My complaint is not with the rules.As you quite rightly pointed out it is the officials and the golfers who are responsible for good conduct etc. Allowing a member of the public to call in and inflence the outcome is pathetic. Home many rugby matches for example have you watched where a try is scored when the player is clearly off-side, the whole stadium sees it, but the ref does not. Should the stadium take up their cellphones and phone SARU and have the try reversed? I think not.

  3. Hop

    Golf is the last word in Self monitoring and it is always up the the golfer to declare his infringment of the rules.It has been that way since golf started and Harrington breached that rule.He is not the first player to get a DQ on his card for such an infringment and he will not be the last.He should have called the one stroke penalty himself as that is what he is required to do. He did not and was caught out. How he was caught out is academic.

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