Being retrenched…

The announcement was a great shock to us all, but there it was…Dear loyal employees we need to cut costs so please take this package and go. 

The problem is it’s not as easy at that.  No, we have to apply for the package and depending on whether you are “key” or not you may well be rejected. 

The other little gem is that if not enough people apply then mother-ship will make the decision for you…wonderful!

So as the good and loyal employees we are, we took the news, left the building and went to the pub to drink our troubles away.  Typically we all laughed and patted each other on the back while exchanging ideas of how we’re going to spend the dosh. 

Three days later and the mood has changed.  There are only six days left to apply and the bitchiness has started.  Only this morning one of my colleagues mentioned that another colleague would be happy to do my job with her job if I’d go!  WTF! Are those 2 for real?

Some employees are planning a collective storming of the executives office to demand a contract because they feel they are indispensable. 

Others just feel they are indispensable and spend all their time telling everybody this.

And then of course some just want to get the heck out of here, know they are key and hope like hell their applicaton will be accepted

I’m not only facing the prospect of leaving a job, I’m also looking at leaving my family.  I’ve been here 17 years, I’m part of the furniture. I’ve lived through a failed marriage and divorce, a wonderful new relationship and second marriage.  Daughter’s matric dances, Matric results, special anniversaries, daughters 21st’s etc etc. 

This is going to be a tough couple of weeks…


22 thoughts on “Being retrenched…

  1. SaintBruce

    Seems pretty rough.I know a guy who was retrenched 5 times in one year! Bummer that.He joined a network marketing company to make sure he had a second income just “in case” this happened again and is now financially independant and almost debt free.It’s the looming spectre of debt that really gets us down when the chips finally fall.Dig the well before you thirst – so having only one income in our very unstable South Africa is perhaps in need of a change?Perhaps become a consultant? Then, as a key resource, ask for the pay YOU set and deserve for your services. Could be a winning move πŸ™‚

  2. Storm10

    Sad news indeed! But I figure seeing that somebody else has lined up your job for themselves already, then you are probably very safe and not likely going to be retrenched!Sit it out!!!

  3. anotherdayinparadise

    So sorry this has happened to you, Ruth. I hope you come through this with a decent package, and can still stay good friends with the people there that you get along with. Hugs xx

  4. insanityrules

    Good luck – this is awful at this time in the economic recession we’re having. I’m holding fingers and toes you get a decent package and can take your time finding another job. *hugs*

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