Standard Bank and their takkies on payday

Is it me, or does anybody else also not beleive that wearing takkies to the workplace on payday will provide a faster service?

I’m at a lose to understand how wearing takkies at the teller desk speeds up transactions or how the mananger at his desk will answer my questions faster? 

Maybe if they tie the laces reallly, really tight their brains will be squeezed and responses will be faster, but failing that I can’t understand it.


4 thoughts on “Standard Bank and their takkies on payday

  1. anotherdayinparadise

    I hadn’t heard of this campaign. I suppose if their feet are more comfortable, they hopefully might be in a much better mood when dealing with customers. ;-> xxx

  2. Sundancer

    It’s just the most stupid campaign. It’s like saying if they all wear hats their brains will be warmer and work quicker (in our dreams we could hope for this)….

  3. optout

    It is one of the worst ad campaigns ever, completely irrelevant to the banking industry and insulting to the intelligence of their customers.

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