Do you suffer from FOMO?

FOMO for those not in the NO, is ‘Fear Of Missing Out’


Sounds like a funny old thing to have, but I bet you know somebody who has chronic FOMO. And if you’re honest maybe you suffer from it yourself.


I think I might have done in the past, but now I’ve moved into the phase of “I haven’t got enough energy and leave me alone” phase!


A colleague of mine has it and can be quite anal when finding out about something he hasn’t been invited to. He whines like an old woman until he receives and accepts the invite, only to suddenly suffer with IOFOMO – I’m over fear of missing out – a day before the event. He then spends precious energy whining about why he doesn’t want to go, and often, inevitably, cancels and doesn’t pitch.


I wonder if FOMO and IOFOMO are on Discovery’s chronic benefits list yet?

3 thoughts on “Do you suffer from FOMO?

  1. anotherdayinparadise

    Never suffered from this condition, Ruth. I always seem too busy to think about what fun others may be having without my knowledge. ;-> xxx

  2. optout

    I also know some folk with FOMO – they will drag themselves to every invite/occasion even when dead tired – it’s pathetic really!

  3. Sundancer

    I know someone who whenever we are out wants to constantly move on to another venue because she is so scared she is missing out on something. Drives me round the bend. We end up spending more time in the car than anything else.

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