Goodbye Oprah, the big O

So the great Oprah has left the land of USA TV. I must admit I stopped being a fan quite a number of years ago. Mostly because I tired of watching and listening to the saddest stories on the planet. I get it that she inspired many, and for that I say well done, but did she need 25 years to do this?   Yes, there is a cynic in me believing the topics she covered were rehashed on a regular basis using different faces and places.


I also stopped enjoying watching the “freebie” shows, because let’s be honest Oprah didn’t personally purchase the gifts, but rather her sponsors “donated” them. Of course if she had of paid for the purchases, she wouldn’t be the billionaire she is now. But I don’t know, I kind of feel it would have been more sincere if she had physically “paid” for the goodies herself.  Do you think she would have missed the odd million once a year?


If anything, the big ‘O’ has amazed me with her phenomenal ability to persuade thousands of people to open up on global TV, sharing stories of a hugely personal nature, with little more than a handful of tissues to get them through. I’m betting most people would be uncomfortable sharing a flatulence problem with their colleagues, let alone outing themselves to gizzilions of viewers, of which let’s be honest one or two would know you.  


Maybe I sound as if I’m knocking the big ‘O’ for her wealth and position. But far from it, she worked damn hard to get where she is today, and she totally deserves what she has. I for one would not have the determination to achieve an iota of what she has done, and I salute her for that.


But sadly as I do not have the big ‘O’s’ email address, I’d like to send a note to her via my blog, which I’m pretty sure she reads.


Dear Big O,

I couldn’t let you go without saying Goodbye, Adieu, Totsiens and Toodles. Good luck with your new venture, and may you have a nice break before heading back to the office. Stay strong, maintain a healthy diet, be kind to everybody, remain humble and keep on forgiving.

Kind regards

The Little ‘R’



Um, I know you’re busy, but may I take a liberty and ask a little favour, just a tiny one? As you leave the building do you think you could stop off at Tyra Banks show and remind her it’s about time she also hung up the microphone too?


15 thoughts on “Goodbye Oprah, the big O

  1. Budweiser

    I believe that Oprah is one of the biggest hypocrites and subtle racists on American TV. Because of her “I grew up tough” (which turned out to be a lie) attitude, coupled with the fact that I have never heard her put 100USD from her own purse into someone’s hand makes me not believe her sincerity for a moment. Add to that a ridiculously bad investment into the stupid Oprah school in SA, which has never made headlines other than bad ones, and you have a woman worshipped on a cult level by mostly women and gay men because she unites the world simply by bringing sensation to viewers in a classy way. She leans on her African American status like many African people in SA do. Lastly – two things:1. Is it not amazing that 99% of Oprah’s staff is plain ‘ol white folk, her favourite singer on earth is a white guy, and when she comes to South Africa, she charges exorbitant prices to have tea with her while using sponsored money to help the odd black community (Angel Network).2.When Katrina hit the mostly black community in New Orleans, she made a huge thing of it with the help of Dr. OZ (who I like by the way), but never did she take out her cheque book and write a fat checque for the poor people of the area. Instead, her show’s ratings went sky-high, so she actually MADE money from the hurricane…tsk tsk.Seems I am not a fan…

  2. rosegarden

    With you on the Tyra show…I’m mostly not one to knock someone without knowing all the facts, but I’m very sceptical about whether she truly is so altruistic.

  3. anotherdayinparadise

    Have never been an Oprah fan, Ruth. She does have a cult following over here though. It’s amazing to me, how such people can win over masses of people, and make so much money in the process,whilst appearing to be benevolent philanthropists.

  4. Lungi_Lee

    I agree with you Witch Twin…She sometimes made me feel like I needed to do something..even though I knew there was nothing wrong…lol

  5. dude_like_wtf

    Ugh Oprah usually get all these experts on her show, but she always knows more that the experts. I’m glad her smug face is off the TV.

  6. Thingamebob

    She takes what the guests says and repeats it back to the people in a different way. She never has an original thought and opinion. Thank God she is gone

  7. kat64

    Yes, it is time they both bowed out. I found that O left me feeling continuously dissatisfied with my life and lot, instead of rejoycing in what I had.

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