Yes, they really do have bells on them

I always thought the Austrian Tourist Board fed the rest of the world a warm and fuzzy story regarding cows with bells around there necks.   But no, I was wrong, the cows do indeed have wonderful bells that bing and bong as they munch and stroll.  It’s a deep yet subtle bong that blends in with the tranquil environment.  Hard to describe, but oddly calming.

And while I’m on my fact sharing mission for today, here is yet another amazing piece of information to store for your next Trivial Pursuit evening.  Austrian cows spend around 120 days a year in barns.  Sounds ridiculous, but the winters are so harsh they need to be housed  for warmth and comfort.  Must admit I was concerned for the claustrophic cows in the herd, but I was assured the barns must have sufficient room for all cows to moooooo-ch around in. 

On the day this photo was taken we were on a horse-drawn carriage ride, enjoying some amazing sights, home made delights and coffee laced with schnapps.   Even without the alcohol flooding through my veins I thought the cows looked content and cuddly!

NOTE to prospective Austrian travellers – Heidi does not have to be barned for 120 days a year


4 thoughts on “Yes, they really do have bells on them

  1. foot loose

    In days of yore think the animals lived on the ground floor whilst the farmer and family lived above. (Those cutesy wooden chalets).

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