why is there such an enourmous call for help from Charities?

I’ve always associated the call for donations with festive occasions.  Along with the emergence of Christmas carols, decorations and overly decorative chocolate packaging, so comes the call for help.  I have no objection to this and gladly donate where I can.  But this year it seems the call for financial assistance has escalated to such an extent that every time you read the paper, receive an email or listen to the radio, another charity is needing help.  And to be honest it’s worrying.


I knew the recession had taken its toll, and I knew that people were finding it hard to cope, but I had no idea of the level it had reached with charities being inundated with requests for help. 


Where I have to ask is all the help going to come from?  Folk lucky enough to have employment are stretched and can barely cope with their own financial needs, so how they can donate is beyond me.  Yet so many do and are commended for this.


I fear our Government has lost the plot and allows billions of tax payers Rand’s to be wasted or stolen.  That “lost” money should be used to alleviate poverty and lesson the financial burden of charities.  Why our publicly elected officials  are unable to  take a look at themselves and realize their actions of stealing or demanding a luxurious lifestyle are literally taking the food from a good citizens mouth is beyond me.  Do they really think they have a right to cause hunger?


And then of course we have big business.  Sky high profits and comfortable lifestyles of the privileged board. Yet they still have the audacity to ask the public to donate money to a worthy cause.   Why do they need additional monies from their customers to make them look good?  We’ve already purchased your goods and given you excellent profits, so why not allocate a realistic budget for donations, and hand the money over yourselves, instead of lining your pockets, printing “free” glossy magazines and rebranding your thousands of shops, which were working perfectly well looking as they were?


I fear the people who are in control and should be assisting with the financial troubles of our country, and thus lessoning the burden of our valuable charities, are oblivious and unconcerned.  I can’t help wondering if they are fans of Marie Antoinette, who it is claimed, on hearing the poor were demanding bread, uttered these famous words “let them eat cake” 



2 thoughts on “why is there such an enourmous call for help from Charities?

  1. optout

    And where does the lottery money go? In the UK you continuously hear which charities and projects have been awarded lottery funds but apart from the ANCYL getting their junket funded I have no clue where that money goes.

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