Learning new skills and plenty of scratching of the head…

Here we go then, this is my second WordPress Blog attempt.  Must say it’s quite a challenge to set up the site and sort out the difference between the widgets and tags and sidebars and footers.

The comments section is not really working for me yet.  How do you display the actual comment and not just the visitor’s name and blog title? 

All tips are most welcome, thank you Sarchasm for your input, it is very much appreciated 🙂

I’ll be back later to tweak my page, but now I’m off to find the rest of my LD family…

In the meantime, just in case you ever wondered how I look, here I am with my Dad and brother

Me, Dad, and Keith

8 thoughts on “Learning new skills and plenty of scratching of the head…

  1. adinparadise

    Love the pic, Ruth. I guess it was taken some time ago. 😉 I see you have Sarch helping you. I. like you am not very clued up yet, but with time, I’ll get better.

      1. Sarchasm2

        To do a blogroll you need a links widget in your side bar. Open it then Little arrow on 1st window -select blogroll-sort by link title-select and tick what you want to show- make it 20 links to show to start with– save and close.
        go to blog
        Hang your cursor over your name top left next to wp logo click new link
        Add name Johnny
        url address http://
        give it a letterdash description if you want to
        tick blogroll block
        Add link

        Then do that for every link you want to add.
        You can mark the wordpress etc that are already in your blogroll as private. This will hide them from your list.

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