Hijacking, Rooibos Cappuccino and Constantia Village

Wow, so didn’t I just have an exciting Saturday morning.  There I was cruising down to Constantia Village to meet some new friends from my writing class, when all hell broke loose.

As I drove towards the Exclusive Books entrance, a huge black Mercedes Van cut me right off, zooming like an idiot in front of me, ignoring the typical manic parking of a Saturday morning.  I hit the hooter, but before the decibels registered, the vehicle was gone.

Still pissed, but relieved I hadn’t hit the van, I saw a parking bay and started pulling in.  There were a few ladies milling around the space and one turned to me and started yelling that I couldn’t park there.  I’m like “huh, why?” 

“You can’t park here,” she continued to shriek as people started to gather… Perplexed, I tried to pull out, but there was no way I could, cars were driving in and out and I was boxed in.  You know what it’s like with women determined to park and shop – comparable to pumped up soccer hooligans on the rampage.

Finally a very stressed lady came to tell to my window and explained that from that very space, that very van who nearly connected with me, had been hi-jacked!  Holy moly, the “jackers” put a gun to the lady owners head and took her car.

I don’t think Constantia Village has ever had so much excitement.  The place was buzzing, huddles of folk telling what they’d witnessed, sharing their own experiences of misfortune and shop keepers coming out to look.  Even as I walked around the centre you could see further huddles of blinged-up Constantia-ites sharing crime details.

Phew, after all that I needed my coffee.

Heart still pumping, I met some new friends from my writing class, and of course I had to share the “jacking” story as soon as we’d said our hello’s.  They were of course horrified, but managed to pull me back to the reason for our meeting, and we sat down to enjoy a good couple of hours of non-stop chatter about our course.  It was delightful.  None of us had met before, we’d only interacted on the course forums, so it’s always a little daunting to meet face to face for the first time.  But I needn’t have worried, it couldn’t have turned out better.  We got on so well, that when we left we had a already diarised our next coffee meeting.

As well as meeting new friends, I also tried a Rooibos Cappuccino.  Have you ever had one?  When it arrives, it’s a cup of rooibos with all the froth and milk of a normal coffee cappuccino.  it looks a bit odd, as the outer edge of the froth is a deep red colour, but overall it was quite pleasant.  You’re offered honey to sweeten rather than sugar, and I suppose it’s a little bit more healthy that caffeine? I thought a bite to eat would be good and asked for 2 biscotti’s.  Goodness, what a laugh. They were a single bite size and did nothing to quell my hunger.  Oh well, there was too much talking going on, so a mouthful of food probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway

And that folks was my Saturday morning… how was yours?


4 thoughts on “Hijacking, Rooibos Cappuccino and Constantia Village

  1. I know that nothing like that happened to me, for which I am grateful. Some things give too much excitement.

    Great pity these bar stewards are active even in lovely spots like Constantia.

    I think I’ll pass on the rooibos version of cappucino!

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