Doggie Weight Watchers – yes we’ve signed up

Telling me my doggies are overweight is a bit like telling me I’m overweight!  Yes people, it doesn’t go down to well. 

But I have to begrudgingly admit my boys do need to lose a couple of kilo’s.  We’ve tried all the low fat products on the market and even resorted to cooking chicken and rice for them, but nothing has helped.  They even spent 2 weeks at the Vet’s kennels – we were away – during which time, the Vet assured us, the boys would shed some kilo’s.  Nope, it didn’t happen.  So much for your IP Mr Vet man.

Anyway, after a recent Vet visit, they twisted the old arm to a point of dislocation, and managed to sign us up on the Hill’s weight lose program where we will be guided and tutored and encouraged to not give the dogs any treats whatsoever.  Goal weight lose for both boys is 5kg’s. This is going to be tough.

Wednesday is weigh in day, and I’m already starting to feel my chest tightening.  After 7 days they should have lost about 300gms each.  Doesn’t sound like much, but if they haven’t lost it, I might end up on the floor sobbing and wailing on my boys behalf. 

This past 7 days has been hell.  I put down a few measly pellets and have to turn away from my boys emotionally pained faces.  Thier eyes droop, tails are between their legs and they stare…at me, and then the bowl.  I can read their minds, it’s sorrowful, I’m sure they hate me.

…going off to make some dry toast and hot water for breakfast, if they can’t have something nice, I feel I shouldn’t either…SOBBING AS SHE GOES…EVEN MORE SOBBING AS I CHOKE ON A CRUMB


11 thoughts on “Doggie Weight Watchers – yes we’ve signed up

  1. Did you watch the segment on Carte Blanche on Sunday? There was a story on pet weight watchers.

    I looked at one of my little (or not so little) hounds and thought, “this means you”!

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