Drum roll puh-leeeeeeeeeease!

Yep, the numbers are in for the Great-Doggie-Weigh-In. 

Auditors were not present, but the figures were crunched and we have an amazing result from our first 10 days. 

Rumble, rumble, rumble, boom, boom, crash!

Travis  has lost a massive 1.6kg


Mutley  has lost a massive 1.25 kg

Ok, now admittedly this sounds completely ridiculous and as if  we are starving our pooches.  But not so, they have only had the prescribed food, no extra tidbits and absolutely no treats – OK, there was one chewy bone thingy last friday after shopping, some habits are really hard to break after all.

 There were also several times when my boys have just flat refused to eat those uninspiring pellets, but they are fine and gradually getting used to the reduced portions.

The Vet said this is an amazing result, but was quick to highlight that this will not be happening every week, because, as with humans, you tend to lose a large amount at first and then it becomes more gradual.

While I was doing the dance of joy, hubby decided to dig himself a grave by suggesting I go on the same diet.  You should have heard the Vet gasp!  And as for my face, suffice to say it was not pretty. Lucky for him we were in public, else he might be in Constantia Medi-Clinic right now wondering if I was ever going to visit… or allow him home again…


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