Liberate your feet mate!

For as long as I can remember, pommie men are known for wearing socks and sandals.  And true to form, my hubby is a fan of doing this, and he is a pom!

I refuse point-blank to go out with him looking like that, and if he comes near me, with covered toes and open shoes, you can hear me yelling a mile off.  Now you may think I must be a bit of an old hag, but au contraire, I think I’m doing my duty in not letting him out of the house and opening him up for attack by the fashion police.  On the other hand it might be that I’m completely embarrassed and feel the need to walk ten paces behind him.  Feel free to make up your own mind on that one though…she says, coughing slightly and moving right along.

His other favourite sock and shoe trick is to wear crop-pants, running shoes and white socks.  Doesn’t sound too bad?  Well no, if he didn’t try to pull the socks up to meet the bottom of his trousers it wouldn’t be.  This I call his Tintin look, yes, it looks good on TT, but not on my hubby.

But anyway, bearing in mind hubby’s affection for socks and that Sunday was stinking hot in Cape Town, hubby would not remove his socks and running shoes as he sweated his way around the garden/house.  Even when he put his feet up on the lounger for a kip, the socks and shoes stayed on.  LIBERATE YOUR FEET, MATE, REMOVE YOUR SOCKS AND SHOES! I yelled as sweetly as I could.  He looked at me as if I was nuts and promptly fell asleep.

I ask you, does he do it to get me going???

But just to prove he does actually have feet, here are the pair of us in Mauritius.


Whose feet are those?!



17 thoughts on “Liberate your feet mate!

  1. My pom hubby doesn’t have the same fetish for socks. I certainly wouldn’t go out with him if he did. My BiL in England always wears socks and sandals, even in winter. He wore them to our wedding too, but he is an eccentric rocket scientist, so I forgave him. 😉

  2. That is … are … no mean feet!

    How about telling him that lack of frequent aeration is creating a socking situation where his sock-trapped feet are shouting loudly, to the shock and disgust of all he wanders anywhere near to, and that his nose has become deadened and immune after such prolonged exposure. That might sort him out?

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