Tingling legs and meths and a whole lot of bow-locks

It’s just been one of those weeks.  The kind where you just feel as if the best thing you could have done was stay in bed, watch plenty of reality TV – except for Sister Wives that is – and eat yourself into a coma.  Big SIGH!

 Nothing in particular sparked it off, and I can only put it down to the moon cycles, or lack of sugar. 

With that in mind I will do my best to blog and visit you all over the weekend – hope you all have a good one by the way.

 But how is this for a whole lot of bow-locks…

 My colleague was telling me this morning that he hasn’t been sleeping well due to his tingling leg syndrome.  Basically whenever he goes to bed, his legs and ankles tingle.  I suggested it was the amount of alcohol he consumes, and taking this rather well he laughed and began a tale of how he manages the tingle.  He pours metholated spirits through white bread, dabs this on his knees, dries if off in front of the fan and back to bed.

 I stand by my original thought, it’s the amount of alcohol he is consuming. 

 Actually how the heck do you spell metholated? Is it methylated or metholated



5 thoughts on “Tingling legs and meths and a whole lot of bow-locks

  1. Just call the stuff meths. Problem solved. Tell him his cure only works because the fumes dull his senses. The drink-induced tingle is still there, only suppressed. (How to endear oneself to people …)

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