It is you!

So following on from my hubby’s little faux pas – actually big foot in giant poop comment – regarding me following my doggies rather successful diet plan, hubs decided to dig his foot even deeper this past weekend.

 Yes, there we were out for dinner, celebrating 16 years of knowing each other, at a rather classy rest-o-rant-a, when hubby slips on his new pair of el-cheepo reading glasses and exclaims “AH! I can actually see you now.” 

 I’m like, “What?”  Practically choking on my warm piece of thickly buttered, very thinly sliced bread morsel.

 “Yes,” he replies, “usually I can’t see you and now I can.”

 Is this man for real??????  I mean really, every bloody day before I leave for work I ask him how I look, and without fail he looks at me with a dreamy/swimmy look in his eye and says, “You look wonderful, darling.”   

Note to self: Don’t believe a bloody word Hubby says to you, especially if he has that swimmy look in his eyes.

 GULP – now I feel bad for dissing hubs, he just called to invite me out for a Valentines lunch



16 thoughts on “It is you!

  1. Sarchasm2

    Guys have a self preservation mechanism that kicks in when asked the “how do I look” or the “do these jeans make my bum look fat” question. You look scrumptious is the safe option. Maybe we can’t multitask but we’re not stupid 🙂

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