The old folks getting hitched

Here are my grandparents getting married umpteen years ago.  Don’t you just love that head-piece my Nan is wearing?

And look at my great-grandparents, are they chuffed, angry or hungry?  Whatever it is, they certainly look fed up.

Three of the  bridesmaids are my great-aunts Rose, Ettie and Bess.  Now when they were married, fashion had changed each and every time, and the dresses they wore were indicative of the times.  I’m going to pull the photos and post them later on in the week. 

say cheeeeese!

10 thoughts on “The old folks getting hitched

  1. They are indeed fun. Why it was thought one should look miserable in photos in those days is a mystery – although the posing used to take ages and everyone was probably suffering from cramp!

  2. It wasn’t the thing in those days, to smile for photos. I once thoughtlessly remarked to my MiL, “You look much younger now than you did on your wedding day.” I meant it as a compliment, but as she was 30 years younger in the photo, I don’t think it went down as I intended. 😉

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