Time to rebrand my blog, and here is the Pope

I think I need to rebrand my blog to WTF did my hubby just say?

Why, you may be asking.   Well the thing is, he has a gift of managing to make,  shall we say, the most completely stupid comments.  Take this morning for instance.

I was watching the Fashion Police Grammy Awards special on E!, which for those who haven’t watched FP before is a panel show hosted by Joan Rivers and friends who “Trash” and “Praise” celebs on the red carpet etc.

Anyway, the trash session was on, and Joan and co were blasting Nicky Minaj as she paraded up the red carpet with her partner, she dressed as a sort of Red Mother Superior, and he as the Pope.  Note to self – who is Nicky Minaj?  Find out later…hmmm, on second thoughts don’t bother stay in the dark.

Hubby squints and says “is that the Pope?  What is he doing there?” My jaw drops and I asked him if he really thought the Pope would attend the Grammys.   He starts to get irriated and replies, “I don’t know, I don’t know what he looks like.  I thought he was there for something to do with a movie.”

Give me strength, can my hubbs be such a nit-wit at times?

But back to FP.  In all honesty if you’re going to trash people, you really should know what you are talking about, and at least look pretty darn fashionable yourselves peeps.  Joan Rivers hardly inspires, and Kelly Osborne looked as if she had dropped off at her Grandma’s to borrow a favourite knit outfit, and decided to have a blue rinse while she was there.


5 thoughts on “Time to rebrand my blog, and here is the Pope

  1. All that couple needed was a third dressed in bright blue, and a soundtrack of ‘God Save the Queen’.

    The Fash Pol often remind me of a book critic saying, ‘This riter hasnt a clew about to properly tell a story how.’

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