My desk – what’s on yours?

As a rule I do not do ornaments and knickknacks.  They collect dust and get in my way.  So you might – as I do – find it a little odd that my work desk has an assortment of dust-collectors. 

Here they are:  Most of them I’ve been given, but the clogs, cow, elephant and giraffe I added.  The clogs came from a recent few days in Amsterdam, the cow came from the top of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland, the elephant from Knysna and the giraffe was one of my girls.  And in all honesty they make me smile 🙂

Friends that make me smile and who never question my logic

My favourite dust-collector at the moment is the cow.  When you press a button she collapses and on release springs back into life. 

Here she is depressed – so to speak!