Give it to your woman!

Don’t shoot me down, but I thought this was funny. 

Madhouse, a clothing shop found along London’s Oxford Street ,  is in some hot soapy water for some of their cheeky T-shirts and now a rather cheeky label found in a pair of chinos – see below

Apparently  Twitter users are furious and cyber-ranting their disdain, and at least 1 feminist blog “The F Word” has climbed in to add comment and no doubt rally up support for women worldwide who work and also do the washing.

Personally I took it with a pinch of salt and had a giggle, what do you think?

Give it to your woman!




10 thoughts on “Give it to your woman!

  1. Well, I do the washing.
    I still found this quite funny 😉
    As for why they did it – it’s just too easy to get a raise out of feminists!
    So, they probably did this to sit back and enjoy the show 😉

    1. too true AD, my hubby only knows what the washing machine looks like, if I let loose with it I could be out buying clothes on a weekly basis …hmmm, hang on a minute that sounds like a good idea 🙂

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