Hang your knickers on the line

I won’t say I’m bonkers paranoid about hanging out my washing the right way, but I will confess to not allowing anybody in my household the honour of placing pegs on any piece of fabric, of any shape or form, that has recently been removed from my washing machine.

Got that straight….goooood!

Anyway that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  Nope, I need to talk about hanging out my knickers to dry.

Disclaimer - these are not mine!!!!
Disclaimer - these are not mine!!!!

There I was about an hour ago, outside in the garden, pegging and hanging,  when once again I started hiding my knickers behind other larger garments so my neighbours couldn’t see the type of I wear.   Now I’ve done this for my entire adult-clothes-washing-life-time, and I don’t know why.

I mean I’m not embarrassed by my knickers! They don’t for instance cause an eclipse when held up high, and they’d be absolutely no use as an emergency piece of string for trussing the turkey at Christmas.   AND, I hasten to add, they are not full of holes and/or held together with staples and barely there elastic.

Could it be I’m worried my neighbour will leap over the wall and whip my knickers under her armpit before clambering back and tucking them in her undies drawer?  I think not.  She looks as if she can afford her own.

Disclaimer: These are not mine!!!!!

There is of course the possibility that I am really a rather shy and coy lady who blushes at the thought of a male seeing even a hint of my drawers.  Pre-children I would have said yes, post-children it’s a big fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Any mother will tell you that first pregnancies take away any form of modesty your dear-old-mum has installed in you.

Which reminds me, does anybody remember this old song?

What’s the time, half past nine

Hang your knickers on the line.

When the Policeman comes along

Hurry up and put them on!

Anyway enough about my knickers, if anybody has a theory, let me know…

19 thoughts on “Hang your knickers on the line

  1. Amber Danette

    I laughed and laughed, reading this post. Lol. I for some reason an fascinated reading about your drawers. Heehee, I never buy pants, always too embarrassed, I always get my mother to buy them for me. Great post. 💋👅

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  2. hedgehog118

    You ladies and your Drama with the Nickers made me smile, and then the memory took of to when I was kid, Rotary lines weren’t about then just a line from one end of the garden to another, remembering the washing on the line with my mothers nickers like sails blowing in the wind, you wouldn’t have been able to hide those tiniest items in those days

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  4. Now that you posted it I realize I do this, too! Once I lived in a house with a very high clothes line and used a portable, folding clothes rack for the intimates and socks. I think I was concerned about the smalls flying away on windy days and me having to fish them from the neighbours’ garden.


  5. I think there are lots of womenfolk that hides their knickers – could be a trowback from the old days when knickers being seen was tantamount to being naked 😉


  6. It reminds me of a fantasy writer Piers Anthony who has his characters quite happily seeing one another in the altogether, but one must NEVER see the colour of a girl’s panties! Of course, they were written before hipsters came in.


  7. I don’t think anything of it, but no-one is there to see them except hubby, and he knows them intimately already.I did have a funny episode when staying with my MiL in England. I pegged all my washing out and then we went shopping. Whilst we were out, it started to rain, so my SiL fetched it in. She later remarked to hubby that neither she nor MiL knew that anyone wore such tiny knickers as mine. I found it hilarious to think of them marvelling over my G-strings together. 😉


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