Stick a light bulb in your ear!

I wasn’t quite sure I heard this correctly on the radio this morning, but after some serious Google-ing I find it is true.

Apparently if your serotonin – your happy hormone – is low, understandably you are prone to feeling sad and many folk will in fact suffer with SAD – seasonal affective disorder that is.  Hell I’m full of information this morning!

It would appear that an easy remedy to perk up your mood is to shine a light into your ear canal.  This little light will then ignite your serotonin levels and set them pumping and keep you in a happy place.  Could there be anything simpler than that?

Imagine no longer having to  peer out  from under your duvet into the dark grey winter light and deciding to stay just there until summer.  And think of the money you can save by avoiding  expensive holidays to exotic sun drenched islands to get your mood jiggling. 

All you need is this simple-cost-cutting method of sticking a light bulk in your ear, attached to a battery pack around your neck.

What a fashion statement that would be, blinged up battery packs and energy saving twirly light bulbs. 

Enlightening for sure. 

And so on a lighter note, I will say toodles for the day, I’m off to patent my bulb and battery design. 

Keep your ear to the ground for updates and ordering…



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