Three words: Money, Daughter, Badly.

This morning was not my finest. I think I handled a situation badly, correction, I did handle the situation badly.

The thing is this, my daughter has been struggling to find work – she’s now 21 – and I’ve been supporting her on a fairly tight shoestring for many years now.

Wonderfully, last week she got a job, bartending in a local popular haunt.  She gets a reasonable hourly rate and tips, and it’s a full time position.  She was thrilled, I was thrilled.  It came at just the right moment and it is so nice to see her smile again.

The problem is,  this morning without thinking I said “oh that’s great, now I can stop your allowance.”   Before I knew it, the words were out there.   I disregarded my mantra of butter up before hitting the jugular, and instead hit her where it hurt  completely ignoring the yellow stuff.  To say she was not thrilled, would be an understatement.

Now of course, you’re all going to be thinking, well what’s the problem, she’s working so why should she get her allowance?  And yes you are right.  But she is a little sensitive and dare I say it a little spoilt, so the realisation that one income was being removed was quite a shocker to her.

In fact when I asked her how long she thought I should be supporting her, she suggested until she moves out.  Really, I thought, that is along the lines of how long is a piece of string.

It’s interesting though, because the estimated income she will be receiving will provide her with more disposal income than many, including her sister who lives in a flat and only works 4 days a week in a job with no prospects.

But it also reminded me of a young man who started work with us recently.  We did a work lunch and he said that it was too expensive for him and wouldn’t be able to join us so much futuristically.  Our manager commented that this young man will  have more disposal income available to him than many of his colleagues who support families, have bonds and finance cars etc.

Once again I have to conclude, disposable income is something the youth have no idea about.






8 thoughts on “Three words: Money, Daughter, Badly.

  1. i think as she is now an adult, any assistance should be as a big favour and not to be taken for granted. so you were right

    however, never judge what someone else’s financial commitments are, i know some who support large families just because they are the only breadwinner

    1. oh absolutely, I agree, you never know what is going on in other peoples lives. Very pleased to report that daughter seems to have gotten over the shock and will now be supporting herself fully 🙂

  2. Well, if she got up in arms about that, I’m sure she is quite spoilt 😉
    And you are so right – kids have no idea how to handle the money they do have – and in mine’s case, looks like it’s not going to happen anytime soon!!
    As long as there’s a mom that can do the providing, why should they worry?

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