“Something old, something new”

This is my first attempt at Sidey’s themes.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is the something old, something new for the Bride to be.  So off I went to see if I could find the origins of this little poem.  It differed from Victorian, to Scottish, to medieval Briton,  but I was surprised to find along the way an additional ‘sixpence in your shoe’ line.

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe

While the sixpence represents hope and show of wealth, it certainly can’t be comfortable if it shifts it’s way between your toes.  I can just see legions of brides hobbling down the aisle and falling dramatically into their groom’s arms.

But I digress, and now return to my own  something old and something new.

Well, wedding number one was a quick register office function with no traditions.  But wedding number two,  well here I made up for it all and had the dress and the sparkle and a stunning venue.  On this special day the new was my dress, and  my old was a pearly necklace my grandmother wore for her 21st birthday photo.  As my dress had a halter neckline, I wrapped them around my wrist and wore them as a bracelet and it was very, very  special for me.  Then at wedding number 3….gotcha! there hasn’t been a number 3, just checking to see if you are still reading.


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