It’s chilly, but those leaves look mighty good

I’ve realised that I’m not capable of sending emails and posting blogs, or even chatting, without complaining about the weather – in winter that is.

Flipping heck, it is chilly.  Correction, it’s $%$$%^$%^ cold in Cape Town.  Driving to work around 6am, my seat warmer is  on max, my hands are gloved and my mood is certainly not upbeat.

Even my little dog is in agreement.  Just look at him here.  All snuggled up with no intention of leaving-the-blanket until spring is sprung

Travis snuggled


There are a couple of good things about Winter though, or maybe it’s Autumn, I don’ know.

One of the truly bestest are the brilliant colours of the leaves.  From our office window I look onto the mountains and what an amazing sight to see them padded with trees covered in every shade of red, green, gold, rust and brown.  I mentioned this to my daughter and she looked at me as if to say, WEIRDO.

Seems we only appreciate nature when we are slightly older!  So gonna remind her of this when she is my age and all dewy eyed hugging a tree.  A-ha, note already made in book titled “remind daughter of this when her children are annoying her etc.”

I also love the crunchy leaves that bunch up and just beg you to run through them.  That crispy crunch always brings a smile to my little face.   In fact, if I could assure myself I  might not end up grubby, I could be well be tempted to throw myself in them and roll around.  Somehow that sounds a little odd, but I think you know what I mean.

And lastly of course, how wonderful it is to be snuggled on the couch with your favourite doggie by your feet, sipping a hot cup of your choice, munching a packet of choc digestives while watching a feel-good movie.

Ahhh, bliss…Winter I think I’ve changed my mind about you





8 thoughts on “It’s chilly, but those leaves look mighty good

  1. Aaaw, your Travis is too cute for words. 😉 What cold are you talking about? I’m sitting here in no sleeves and sandals. Sorry, I shouldn’t have told you that, should I? I remember playing in the crunchy autumn leaves in England, as a child. I loved the sound they made as I ran and jumped through them. The view from your office window sounds amazing. Maybe you should post us a pic. Keep warm. 😉

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