Is it a Brinjal or Aubergine, and is that a Titanic froth I see?

I’m not a fussy eater, but if there’s one veggie that gets my skin wobbling, it is the beautiful Aubergine, or is it a Brinjal.

Hubby grows them…occasionally, and testament to this, here it is.   As you can see I so fell in love with it I was compelled to create a photographic moment. OK, a bit whacky, but that Aubergine was beautiful.  The curves and texture were like silk and the colour was amazing.

Which brings me to yesterday and Vrede and Lust.

Needing to escape the house, hubby and I took a drive to Franschoek, one of our favourite places to go, and indeed the place we would dearly love to live, providing – as mentioned in another blog – we could shift the village closer to Cavendish, or vice versa, whichever is easier.  Failing that I’ll settle on a wine farm with a heli-pad, and a large CELLAR to wallow in when the helicopter is in for a service.

Oh yes,  one other thing before I get to the veggie-I-hate bit.  What has happened to this once idyllic village?  Where once there was quaint and cosy, there is now high-street of galleries, restaurants and interior décor shops. And I’m sorry to say, they all sell the same things at rather exploded prices.  In one shop I found an identical item that I’d purchased a couple of weeks ago in Cape Town, marked-up by nearly 50%.  Is it no wonder many of the shops are closing down and that the many new ones being built are already sporting To Let signage.

Anyway, after our little stroll through the gallery up and down the high-street we set off for a quick bite to eat.  La Motte, was closed – how dare they – and settled on Cottage Fromage at Vrede and Lust.  I wasn’t particularly hungry and after not finding anything too tempting on the menu I settled on a glass of Rose – delightful Jess – and, wait for it, a roasted brinjal, butternut, pepper, pecorino cheese and balsamic creation on sour dough.

STAND UP AND APPLAUD MOMENT, I have never tasted anything so amazing in all my life.  It was superb.  I ate every last piece, reluctantly allowed hubby a small, very small piece, and would have had seconds if time or my belt had allowed.  Truly one of the best meals ever to pass my lips.

I was in such a good mood I ended with a cappuccino,  something I never do after a meal.  And once again, the best I’ve ever had.  The froth was so thick and creamy that our sugar cubes took time to sink and I strongly felt they should rename this cup of froth to  The Titanic Coffee.

Here it is.  As you can see one cube has sunk while the the other is in progress.

And here we are with only imprints of where once there was a ship sugar


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