Greece, rotten hotel, eyesore view, cattle truck cruise

I was scanning through some photos  hoping to find something for a new background when I came upon this one.


This amazing view was from my hotel room in Greece!

I couldn’t believe it when I got into my room.   The hotel I had been promised by the travel agent, and from the blurb on the web, certainly didn’t live up to expectations.  The room was crappy, the roof pool was horrible, in fact I felt pretty much duped by the whole trip.

We were based in Athens, and really the agent should have suggested we stay on an island and travel toooo Athens for a couple of day trips.  I mean isn’t that what they get a commission for, giving valuable advice as well as booking tickets?!

Anyway, while there we wanted to do an island hopping cruise, and duly booked.  What a disaster.  The cruise ship was the size of a ferry, umpteen floors and gizzillions of tourists cramped together on an allocated deck.  Cattle truck is the nicest way to describe it.  My daughter, who I was tripping with, has cerebral palsy, but did anybody offer us a seat.  All together now….NO!

OK, enough moaning for today.  Greece is done and dusted.

Anybody else had a crappy hotel and trip experience?  Got a photo to share?

14 thoughts on “Greece, rotten hotel, eyesore view, cattle truck cruise

  1. Nothing quite that bad – a few dodgy hotels in Europe with very narrow single beds with mattresses so soft you could turn over and roll right off.

  2. How very sad. I have had an ongoing love affair with Greece and Greeks since the sixties. I even love Athens! But I might take up your challenge and blog about Egypt.
    Horrible place.

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