Looking classy in Scotland

Still going through photo’s for my  background,  I was struck by 1.) how photogenic I am not, and 2.) how classy I look – JOKE – when I’m on holiday.

Here I am I think about 3 years ago, in Edinburgh for the famous Tattoo.

Clearly I wasn’t going for the fashionista look.  I’m thinking classical wet look, with a hint of “what on earth was you thinking?”

The weather  really caught us out that day though.   We’d arrived to dry and warm conditions and opted for a good meal before the night’s events.   By the time we left the pub it was chucking it down.  Just look at my legs, my jeans were soaking.  I even shriek TOURIST!  Can you see the Edinburgh Tattoo logo on my oversized poncho?

I never cease to amaze myself with my travel dress-code.  It’s almost as if once I leave the borders of my home for  a trip, local or overseas, my dress sense remains behind.   Not that I’m a style queen in general that is.  No, no, not at all.  But at least I try to look reasonably put together …she hopes.

I’m looking to venture overseas shortly, so any tips on packing would be appreciated.  And if this means buying a whole new summer look, well I’m game – don’t tell hubby though he may well confiscate my his  little piece of plastic.


10 thoughts on “Looking classy in Scotland

  1. You look like a blue spook, Ruth. It’s always advisable to take rain gear though if you’re travelling to Britain.My daughter is in Scotland at the moment. Lots of rain and more forecast. I often don’t recognise myself either when I’m on holiday. LOL!

    1. I think I can deal with looking a bit odd, but it’s when I’m with my sisters and they all look so nice that I look at myself and wonder what planet I come from!

  2. I would not worry about summer attire if you are going to the UK in the next two months. I also always get it wrong and end up being either to hot, too cold or too wet.

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