DMMA Blogger Debate – should bloggers be paid for AD’s?

This could be an interesting one happening later today.

The DMMA are having a debate on whether bloggers should be charging for blogs advertising brands.

Please go here for more information – DMMA – Digita, Media & Marketing Association of South Africa

Or here for their Twitter – DMMA TWITTER

Or here for their Facebook – DMMA FACEBOOK




18 thoughts on “DMMA Blogger Debate – should bloggers be paid for AD’s?

  1. But isn’t advertising what subsidises the cost of maintaining the platform? Otherwise, why would Blogger and WordPress and Co do it at all? I don’t think the subscription bloggers would provide enough revenue.

    1. I think yes, but the question posed by DMMA was should individual bloggers have the chance to earn revenue by advertising on their sites, and or be paid via cash or product for brands they review. There was a lot of debate and many people said that the integrity of a blog would be lessened if bloggers had AD’s. Very interested to see what the AD industry had to say about it.

      1. There must be a compromise there somewhere. If an entertaining blog is provided, then I suppose payment would be appropriate for endorsing a product, as in sports. The trouble, as with sports people, is that one ends up wondering if they really like the product or the cash is the thing.

  2. I think the debate started as some bloggers feel they should be paid to blog about events they attend – or that is my understanding. I think paid for content and advertising is OK but it should not be WHY we blog – I am interested to hear your view points 🙂

    1. I think yes that was part of it, but also about having ad’s on blogs. Personally I don’t think it is a bad idea to have ad’s, like for instance your Yuppie chef badge. Now by having that and having a good following, and knowing your primary blog is food related, I think it could/should work to earn revenue for you and exposure for Yuppie Chef. Being paid to attend events or have free meals etc is more controversial and could lead to biased reviews, and some debaters referred to this as blogamercials!

    1. it was a very interesting debate on Twitter. Lots of views put forward and even after the 2 hour time frame, the debate continued independently. I will post the highlights/thoughts/findings when they release them 🙂

    1. I don’t mind if I can choose the advertising and have for instance a logo such as a W for Woolworths, or a badge that says Le Creuset. But I wouldn’t want advertisers to negotiate witih WP and have their ad’s all over my blog. I suppose I’m looking for a sophisticated AD for my blog.

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