Saturday night with the remote

So here I am, Saturday night, and once again ensconced on the couch. BORING, big fat BORING.  Hubby is on the other couch, my little dog snuggled up next to him and my other little dog on his armchair.

We’ve got about a gizzillion satellite channels to choose from, and what have we got on, The Mummy part 3, which we’ve seen before…several times.  No, I’m lying, hubby has flicked and hovered over a Jean Claude Van Damme movie…no, no he’s flicking again, now we’re watching Angelina trout-pout Jolie in SALT. Good grief, he’s flicked again and now we’ve got some John Cusack movie. Bloody hell, he’s moved again, back to SALT.  Give me strength, we’re back to Jean Claude Van Damme.

So what are you all doing tonight?  Out to dinner, clubbing, walking on the beach, fancy dress, black tie event?

Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time, and even if you are watching paint dry, you will be happy to know your evening will be far more enjoyable than mine with Jean Claude.

Am I pretty or what?

24 thoughts on “Saturday night with the remote

  1. It’s nice sometimes to just lie down on the sofa and flip channels. Our social life is so hectic at the moment, lots of evening gatherings. I think after this, I’m going need a holiday from holiday. Enjoy your day:-)

  2. Roly

    My son gave me a pvr decoder and we haven’t looked back. I tape all the stuff we like to watch and movies that appeal to us, then we watch what we want and skip through adverts etc. Pause when you need the loo……. Bliss 🙂

    1. you might not believe this, but we have a PVR as well, but we still can’t sort out some decent viewing. I think we have such different viewing that we end up compromising and not enjoying

  3. This made me laugh. Sun is just going down. It will be hours before the heat recedes (and at 4 a.m. we will shiver under a single sheet). Don’t have TV but so long as wifi cooperating have wonderful wicked website where you can watch any movie ever made for FREE. Last night was Papillon. TL’s choice. Time has not made it more cheerful 🙂

    1. Yowzers, Papillion, yep, not the most feel-good movie available, but hell if it is free, I’d say it is a winner 🙂 So lucky to have some warmth, but I do feel for you if it’s killer heat. Is the weather good in Sept? Might be in your neck of the woods for a couple of days then

    1. maddening isn’t it, just when you could do with a good night of entertainment you can never blooming well find it. Hope you find something interesting on the net 🙂

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