Baboon’s visiting Tokai Forest

I’ve seen the baboons along by the Tokai forest on several occasions, but I’ve never seen so many as yesterday afternoon when we went for our daily doggie walk.  There was a whole troop mooching around, up trees, shaking branches, and generally amusing us all.

The alpha male casually strolled along, while the younger ones bounded around with branches in their mouths.

It was kind of funny really, there the baboons were, moving around aimlessly while people strolled, dogs ran, and horses walked on by.   A true moment of man and nature enjoying life together.

I tried to get a couple of photos, but as they move pretty quickly I only managed to whip out my phone  and catch these 2 shots as we were parking.

Taking a break in Tokai


strolling down the road in Tokai



20 thoughts on “Baboon’s visiting Tokai Forest

    1. it was funny because there were a huge amount of dogs there and for some reason neither dog or baboon were bothered 🙂 Must admit I was expecting some trouble

  1. We can just hope their numbers dont grow too large that they become a problem and need to be culled. As far as I know there are no natural predators left in Tokai to thin them out naturally. We still have leopards roaming just north of Pretoria and I think they have kept the baboon population down quite a bit.

  2. I saw a programme on tv about the baboons in Pringle Bay and how they got so clever as to be able to open sliding windows to gain entry into houses.
    Even here, at the KZN coast we have the vervet monkeys who will get into your house/flat if windows are left open. I’m used to them and not too bothered by them.

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