Things that make me happy – didn’t he do well

I have a soft spot for anybody with a disability, and so when I see an amazing disabled person pull of something that few able bodied people can do, then this makes me very happy.

Just take a look at this image of Oscar Pistorius today.   Amazing photo, amazing athlete.  I’m holding thumbs and crossing fingers he’ll make the final and who knows he may get a medal.

Whether he wins or not, today Oscar  made history becoming the first double amputee to compete in the Olympic Games


Oscar Pistorius – image from Daily Mail


Blade Runner makes the history books – DailyMail online

20 thoughts on “Things that make me happy – didn’t he do well

  1. That he made it to the semi-finals is an amazing accomplishment! What a shining light for South Africa! Hell, I wouldn’t make it off the starting line without wheezing and tripping!

  2. Yep, gets me every time disabled people show the full-bodied people how to do it. When I run in the mornings there’s this guy on one of those bicycles that are hand propelled (he doesn’t have legs) and boy does he show everyone a thing or two!

  3. I can definitely see where you are coming from because this is a fantastic story. It’s a story of a guy overcoming all the odds to achieve a dream that seemed impossible not too long ago. He is incredibly mentally strong and I’m sure a great person. I’m just not sure though that he deserves the opportunity based on his ability alone. It’s a tough question and I’m sure one that will continue to be questioned for years to come. Also, you think you could take a look at my latest post because I would love to hear your opinion

  4. Indeed! I have been really irritated by the moaners who have said he has an unfair advantage with those blades. I’d like to see them even stand up with them on, much less run!

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