I knew that, and are you kidding me – food stories

I sometimes feel  “reporters of reports” should just call me if they want an opinion.  OK, yes that might sound a wee bit egotistical, but I’m talking about the crazy “reports” regarding modern trends we are being forever bombarded with.   You know the type, “latest report shows binge drinking is prevalent in young women.” Hello you could have stood outside your local pub over the weekend with that one, no need to sit for hours gathering data while collecting an government grant.

With that in mind, here is my latest favourite crazy report, courtesy of that great knowledge sharer The Daily Mail – How men told to slim down by their partners are secretly gorging on crisps and chocolate when they go out. 

Here is an extract from the report.

“The report by retail analysts Kantar Worldpanel says that men are tucking into more bags of crisps and bars of chocolate in the street – despite the well meaning efforts introduced by their other halves to curb snacking.

For sneaky snack-loving men are foiling their wives attempts at imposing healthy eating regimes in the home by tucking into massive amounts of their favourite snacks when they are out of sight, according to the latest research.

Men are eating a hefty 41per cent more crisps outside the home than a year ago while consumption of chocolate has rocketed by 37per cent, the data shows.”

Honestly, do these retail analysts think us gals are stupid?  We know our hubby’s, partners, significant others nibble behind our backs.  And do you know what you forgot to add, we don’t really mind because we quite enjoy finding evidence and having a quiet word with the loved one about it afterwards.

My other food related story from that great knowledge sharer The Daily Mail today, is regarding sushi and naked bodies.  This has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now, but once again I look at these photos and say eeeeeeeeewwwwww! would I really want to extract and eat fish from a naked body.  I rather think not.  I’m more inclined to be suggesting “keep your clothes on love and bring mine on a plate.”


19 thoughts on “I knew that, and are you kidding me – food stories

  1. I wonder if I can get a grant for a study to prove what I already know: 99% of study results are biased or inaccurate, and 78,943% are on utterly facile subjects …
    I am old-fashioned. I like my food cooked and served on a table. Mind you, I don’t object to the actual diners being unclothed.

  2. The Daily Mail report is most probably quite true. How else would you account for all the pregnant male bellies we see? 😉 Yuck at eating anything off a prone body. Those girls would have to be pretty cold so that the Sushi stayed fresh. Do you think the restaurateurs raid the local morgues? 😆

    1. LOL! I quite like the idea of raiding the morgue. I wonder what happens if the naked gal sneezes, she might double up if it’s a large sneeze sending the sushi flying.

  3. Such reports are too ridiculous for words! Who cares anyway.
    I would never make a good sushi “body” as I’m much too fidgety. I’d certainly want to scratch that irritating bed of strategically placed bed of lettuce leaves 😉

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