Had an exotic supper tonight

So as you know my hubby is a good sport, hello dahling if you are reading this, and by his own admission he loves his food.  He even loves cooking and can page through recipe books until his head is full while dictating a shopping list to me that I have no intention of using.

But his favourite food group is anything exotic.  And being Thursday, it is hubby’s turn to cook.  Now before any of you ladies shout out, wow, what a lovely hubby she has, or you chaps start emailing him with sucker in the subject line, I have to say that since we started this hubby-cooks-thursday story, we’ve eaten out quite a lot.

Anyway, tonight he went all out and produced the most exotic meal he could come up with.   And this is what we had.

Baked beans, crispy bacon, fried bread, fried egg and “baked potatoes a la microwave.”

Do I hear a call for Masterchef from you all?

(This blog was inspired by Granny’s Stew Sandwiches)







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