Where there’s a mouth, there’s a …

I’m not sure what more I can say about this photo, other than this is 90 year old Jackie Stallone at a recent Red Carpet event for her son’s latest Expandable movie.

If pushed I might have said that a latent allergy to shell fish obviously emerged at the pre-movie dinner.  And if pushed further,  I might imply Botox administered by a heavy handed Doc with failing eyesight.

But seriously though, as I am not that unkind, I feel reasonably confident in sharing a suspicion she could be Lady Penelope of Thunderbirds long lost mum.  What do you think?


Jackie Stallone aged 90

Photo courtesy http://www.DailyMail.co.uk

Lady Penelope - Thunderbirds
Lady Penelope – Thunderbirds




21 thoughts on “Where there’s a mouth, there’s a …

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  2. goodness,. I have had botox for the frown line above/between my eyes. I was tired of looking cross when I’m not. BUT for the rest, I have earned my wrinkles, and at each age there is beauty in who you are.

    she does look pretty plastic, I guess sonnyboy paid and paid for the surgery

  3. Horrible! Holy Sh*t!
    I often wonder what happens to all these implants when people grow old and older.
    Somebody once sent me a photo taken on a beach of an old lady with breast implants, and it looked as if she had lost her mind going round in a bikini.

  4. That photo would have been more appropriate posted under the “Wrong” theme of a week ago. At 90 one deserves to have a few wrinkles, they add character!

    1. so very true. If you look at the full length photos of her on the red carpet she looks fantastic for her age, still able to wear short skirts and I thought without looking ridiculous. But the trout pout that ruins it all. why women do that is beyond me. 🙂

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