How can you live there, and like that?!

Confession time here, I really do enjoy watching a lot of those buying and selling home programs that you find on DSTV in South Africa, and the BBC and ITV in the UK.

For Sale
For Sale

So while I’ve been here in the UK I’ve managed to squeeze in a far few of them, and even more than usual I sit here gobsmacked at how people live the way they do.   Clutter, junk, rubbish, appalling decor and home owners with bad attitudes astound me.

But it’s  the grubbiness that makes me squirm.  Yesterday for instance a couple with a 4 bedroom house were on.  The house was in a good area and by rights should have sold quickly.  Instead, a year later, it was still sporting the For Sale sign at the door, and not a single offer had been presented.   Very quickly it became evident why.

Dirty Kitchen
Dirty Kitchen

I think the cameraman took his life in his hands as he entered this house, and  I would not have been surprised to find he’d been kitted out in a mask and protective clothing as he clambered from room to room skirting clutter, junk, pet debris and far worse.

As for the kitchen, well he probably needed to change into a toxic fume protective kit.  It was gross and nothing more than a haven for grime, germs and probably the origins of a new strain of the plague!   I think if I’d been invited round for supper I’d have feigned illness and headed for the nearest McDonald’s.  No doubt the children have wonderful immune systems by now.


When asked about the cleaning, the owners happily admitted that neither of them did it.  How can you be proud of something like that?

Anyway the host wanted to help them, but boy did he have a tough job persuading them they needed to clean up, and do it fast.  On camera they looked at each other and agreed to it,  but once alone the wife was so mad she walked away and left the hubby to do the lot.   But heads up to him, he went for it and did an amazing job.

Reading back over this I sound like a right old bag who lives in a fancy shmancy house!  I can happily say this is not so.  I am neither an old bag – well maybe I am – and my home is homely and nothing more.

I think my interest is high right now as we’ve just put our house on the market, and with the market being less than bullish, I’m always looking for tips on how to ensure a swift sale at a good price.  Suffice to say I won’t be needing to get grime-busters in.

Talking about houses, remember me telling you about my hubby and our garage door?  Well it seems  the daft gene runs through the hubby’s family.  Found out yesterday that brother-in-law had a similar experience recently that had him falling off a ladder and almost decapitating himself as the garage door opened…

On that note, I’m heading to the kitchen to wash up and then have a nice cup of coffee and a chocolate digestive.  Care to join me?


16 thoughts on “How can you live there, and like that?!

  1. It is truly astonishing how some people live in the UK. Have been in a couple of homes where you wipe your feet when you leave!!! I encountered a company who simply upped and found new premises rather than clean!

  2. I so agree with you. At one stage, my daughter became addicted to “Clean House” — which airs regularly on DSTV in SA — and I was, literally, appalled by what I saw. I’m not a perfect housekeeper, but it was shocking to realize just how many people in “good” neighborhoods live MUCH worse than barn animals!

  3. While my house is by no means spotlessly clean, and I absolutely HATE doing housework, I at least do the dishes every so often, and chuck the rubbish in the bin where it belongs 😉
    And my kitchen does NOT look like that!! Gross!
    and if things gets too much I pay somebody to come and clean for me – I’m lazy like that!!

  4. OMG! I’m glad our BiL is ok. That could have been very nasty. I used to watch “How clean is your house.” Fascinating in the extreme. I don’t know how people can live in such pigsties. Untidiness and filth make me feel ill. 🙂

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