What do you do?

Life is one big fat ball of inter-connecting and being with like people – or so I think.  Coincidences are rife and I often wonder how things can be so.

Where I work for instance, there are a huge number of people who share the same birthday month/star sign – We’re in IT, Scorpio’s and actually rather nice folk!!!!  🙂

With that in mind, I wondered about bloggers.  Are we similar?  Do we all hanker to be published, or do we blog because we enjoy sharing and communicating on line.  Are we employed, are we similar ages etc etc.  

What do you think?  And would you share with me what you do for a living, are you  fully employed, retired, student, and finally what month were you born?

And for no other reason than I couldn’t find a personal photo that would suit this blog, here are my feet in Mauritius a few years back with my hubby.  You’ll note we are also very alike, in that we both have 2 feet 🙂







35 thoughts on “What do you do?

  1. Well, I would love to be fully employed 😉
    As it is, I’ve done IT myself, and a whole lot of administrative stuff.
    born in November.
    Never went to varsity.
    Getting closer to 50 than I’d like, but still on the right side of 45, even of only by a year 😉
    As for people reading what I write, and that being a dream of mine, well, I’ve always wanted to do writing, but I can’t say that that’s why I blog. I blog because it’s mostly the only contact I have with the outside world.

  2. Born in October (Libra). Recently changed careers, from IT-Software Tester to Teaching English & Tutoring Finnish. I blog to keep in touch with my family & friends all over, easier than writing individual e-mails and have actually met some really lovely folks here:-)

    1. Now I’ve always wanted to have a go at pottery. One of my ex-colleagues had a whole set up at home and managed to sell a few pieces to fund a holiday. Do you have a studio?

    1. I would think your grammar is pretty darn good then! Have to say that is an area I battle with. I’ve got a colleague who likes to correct grammar in emails and I could just flatten him at times! LOL 🙂

    1. I can understand that, I sometimes share a few words with a stranger in the lift or in a queue or even over the baked bean counter knowing full well I’ll never see them again. Although I do sometimes get tongue tied when I do this. I work in the same building as the Western Provice Rugby offices across the road from the Newlands rugby grounds, and I’ve found myself in the lift once with Percy Montgomery and recently with Brian Habana, talk about fumble and tongue collapse! They must have thought I was a right berk!

  3. Cancerian, employed in IT as Business Analyst. I mostly blog to get things off my chest and when I find something that interest me I feel I should share it as there may (hopefully) be someone out there in cyberspace who might just find something of interest as well. I do enjoy the interaction between the bloggers now that we are on WP. There were times that some bloggers on Letterdash got very personal with each other to the point that some just quit which was very sad.

    1. Yes I have to agree, Letterdash did get personal. WP is a huge place to blog on, but gradually I think I am finding my way around and fitting in. You are also IT, I’m just about burnt out with it, need a major break

  4. That is so amazing Ruth! I am also in IT and everyone except me are Scorpios! They are easy to work with. I am Sagittarius and manage the company from the dealing with customers point of view. I am also quite technical, but more the socialite than the Scorpios who prefer working on the laptops! I like to read about what other people think and do on the blogs, but haven’t been able to for a while now. I also would like to learn to write more, but I am still a caterpillar in that department. One day I will be a butterfly and spread my wings and fly!

    1. Hang on a minute, I wonder if you work in the same office as me! LOL! wouldn’t that be too funny. I’m a software tester, and not very technical. I blog because my passion is to write. and I also really enjoy the interaction with so many different folk

    1. I like that blogging allows me to “chat” with people from all different areas of life and work. In my day to day I’m sat behind a desk full time with limited interaction, and quick chat here and there is always so great.

  5. What I do for a living is *bitterly* not enough, I am a retired fulltime student of, and fully employed by, writing and composing, Oh, and October.
    I like to have what I have written read. I’d probably carry on even if it wasn’t, though.

    1. How wonderful to be writing and composing for a living. I would so very much like to be in that position one day. I’m just over 70000 words into my novel and feel another 5000 should finish it off. I have an editor working with me and so far so good.

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