All cats are black in the dark

Sat down to have a pleasant breakfast with hubby yesterday morning. We’d gone mad and decided to have a fried egg sandwich in white bread.  I mention the white bread because frankly for me, a fried egg does not work well between 2 slices of brown bread.

We munch and chat and fall on the topic of books.

In between mouthfuls hubby says to me, “is that the “all cats are black in the dark” book?”

Confused, yet intrigued I respond, “what’s that about?”

“You know, the one that everybody is reading but is written so badly.”

Can you guess what he was talking about?

It took me a while, but the book in question is “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Let’s leave it at that shall we.  But, the mention of shade leads me nicely into the following.

We struggle with our garden, the soil is not good and much of the year the beds are in shade. With that in mind hubby planted a hydrangea in what we assumed would be an ideal spot.  At this time of the year though, the sun hits a couple of spots and we generally manage to hang onto our plants and grass.

This year, the sun at the moment is lethal, and with the howling wind our garden is taking strain, as is the hydrangea.  Hubby, known for his practical rather than aesthetic skills, creates a form of shading for this lovely plant.  And here it is.


Yes folks, if you want one, they are easily put together. All you need is a spade, umbrella and piece of wire of sorts.

Classic….I think not!


19 thoughts on “All cats are black in the dark

  1. I’m still not sure about the reference in relation to the book but I do like the attempt at shade. Now here’s hoping the wind does not get carried away 🙂

  2. I can’t work up any enthusiasn for the book either…. I learned something about hydrangea the other day (after all these years). Do not prune dead heads! You are removing next year’s flowers. No wonder mine never flowered!

  3. He’s so right about that silly book!!! I can really not see what the whole hooha is about.
    As for his solution – it might not look good, but it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss 😉

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