The moon and the neighbours

Think I mentioned somewhere that hubby went away for the festive season – just checked him in for his return flight tomorrow night 🙂  Does anybody know if New Year Flights have any fun activities, bopping in the aisles or free Champagne?

Anyhoooooo, while he’s been away I’ve been in charge of the whole house, in and out.  What this means is I have to do all those jobs I gently suggest he do i.e. pick up the doggie poop, water the garden, sweep the leaves and water the garden.  I’ve quite enjoyed them…well maybe not the poopy bit, and have become a pro at dodging the sprinkler as I charge in, grab it and reposition.

Admittedly I did have a couple of mishaps, for instance I now know it’s probably not a good idea to switch the water off before removing one sprinkler device and attaching another.  I’m talking Wet T-Shirt champion here, clearly not for the body beneath, but rather the amount of water I can retain in my T-shirt.

I’ve also learnt how to attach the grass cutting bucket thing to the mower, which is a double first for me, because this is the very, very, first time I have ever, and I mean ever, mowed the lawn.  Now I’ve lived in a lot of houses so that says a lot. Do we put this down to hen-pecked hubby, or lazy-wife – may I suggest you choose your reply carefully!!!!!

So where does the moon and the neighbours fit into all of this?  Well part of the gardening chores includes dead-heading the roses, and true to form I’ve embraced this task.  Every day I clutch my scissors and pace up and down the rose bushes, eyes narrowed, itching to decapitate any dead looking blooms.  The other morning  I was a little distracted, and as women do began multi-tasking, as in, undressing for the shower, sweeping the floors and dead heading the roses.

Now bearing in mind dead heading can require bending, it may not have been a good idea to do this while I was partially clothed – blushes slightly.  The end result of this full moon incident is I now find my neighbours have suddenly shut windows and pulled down blinds.  Somewhat embarrassed I am hoping it’s all coincidental and I that will discover they are in fact away and not avoiding me … and a repeat performance.

I of course now find myself in a quandary, should I take a pound of mince pies around and hope they don’t slam the door in my face, or should I stay clear for a few months and let the image fade in their minds?  Oh, decisions, decisions…




20 thoughts on “The moon and the neighbours

  1. I wonder if your husband has any idea of what you’ve been up to … down to … in dazzling the neighbour so much that blinds are drawn? The positive aspect is that now you can repeat the exercise with impunity.

  2. New Years on the plane is an absolute bore, they don’t do anything special at all! And you can just admit to us that you wanted attract the attention of the hot neighbour, we don’t judge here on the blogs 😉

  3. I have never wielded a lawnmower. I shall try your method of getting the neighbours to close their blinds as ours constantly watch over the wall 😉 all the best for 2013 🙂

  4. If the blinds and windows ARE in fact a result of the mooning incident, then let us hope the twits expire from suffocation – it would serve them right. Having fits over seeing an inch or so beyond the ‘moral’ limit set by persons unknown is pathetic.

  5. I think maybe the mince pies will make up for any mooning they might have experienced 😉
    As for the lawnmower – I tried using that bucket thing – was way too much of a schlepp cleaning it, so i just mowed the lawn and left the cuttings there.
    Good that you’re learning new skills Ruth 🙂

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