where’s my Q gone?

How bonkers is this?  3 days ago my ‘Q’ button worked, and now it doesn’t.  Talk about frustrating. I mean I never even thought I used the bloomin’ key that much…hmmm, seems I do.

Not having a ‘Q’ bodes well with my Woollies shopping experience last night.  Yes the dreaded ‘Q’ at Constantia village really got my goat going.  They’ve instituated a great system of different ‘Q’s’ for express and mammoth loads.  The trouble is the signage has been hung so badly all you see is the side of the sign until you are standing right underneath it.  Only then, once you’ve twisted your neck and subseuently phoned the chiropractor, you begin to fully understand why the people in the correct ‘Q’s’ ahead of you are glaring over their fresh veggies and extra, extra virgin olive oil at you.

Well there was no way I was moving.  I’d spent the last 10 mins in the wrong ‘Q’, as had many others, and the Staff there would have needed the entire Sussman clan to arrive and attempt removing me.  And trust me I would have put up a fight, we’re talking lobbing rolls and potatoes here. 

Needless to say I gave the supervisor an earfull, left and came home to glass of wine that didn’t do much, so I had another one.

Back to the missing ‘Q’, my daughter has lost the pad to her letter ‘E’. Is there a conspiracy against us or something?

With missing kyes in mind I feel I should end with a farewell of sorts…  “Q E, how you doing?”







34 thoughts on “where’s my Q gone?

  1. The ‘K’ on my laptop is n the blink, along with all the USB ports, so I’m now making use of the netbook I won and subsequently gave to the kids. Unfortunately the ‘O’ button requires severe stabbing in order to work. Grrr – so I share in your frustration!

    I’m KO’ed to your QE’s

  2. With the way woolies q’s are designed, I should imagine it would be near to impossible for you to have reversed out anyway. Nothing a good glass of wine can’t solve though, I’m sure 😀
    Missing keys – nightmare. Assuming you got it back to have done the post?

  3. Such a laugh I had at this!
    I noticed a similar idiotic Q sign at our PnP bread counter. It says Q here, without an arrow indicating where exactly, so we all Q to the left and right of it.
    Perhaps later with your missing Q and Daughter’s missing E, I could add a missing D. Bingo! Q.E.D.

  4. well I nearly had a melt-down I said preview, almost lost the blog and lo and behold when I found it and published it, I see a lonesome F at the bottom of the page! I hope that’s not a warning that he’s on the escape to!

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