What you doing today? Care to join me?

Anybody doing anything nice today?

As for me, nope, just at my desk trying my best to at least look interested. So I got to thinking what would I like to be doing, as opposed to what  I have to be doing.

Well I see the Chelsea Flower Show is now on in London. I’ve never been there and while it’s on the other side of the planet, if I could transport myself there I wouldn’t mind a wander around some pretty blooms, maybe stop off mid-way for a cup of tea. Um, no, correction and get real, it will be a glass of bubbly, and maybe a macaroon.

go check it out here – RHS

Ahhhh! Bliss
Ahhhh! Bliss

photo courtesy of – http://www.rhs.org.uk

I wouldn’t mind sitting in my garden with a good book, taking a snooze between chapters, pausing for a light lunch of whatever I can find in the fridge – which is probably not much as my grocery shopping is failing right now.

Then again I could climb Table Mountain. Who am I kidding here, my feet were not meant for hiking, I will be in the cable-car heading for the top.

Nice trip up the mountain
Nice trip up the mountain

image courtesy of http://www.sa-venues.com/attractionswc/table-mountain.htm

Or, and probably this one is going to really do it for me, I will be heading to a Spa for a full day of pampering and lunch, followed by supper, bed and another full day tomorrow. Note to self: sneak in bottle of bubbly, sparkling water is just not going to do it. Even bigger note to self: steer clear of the Chinese massage – memories and body still sore

Anybody care to join me, or do you have other ideas?

32 thoughts on “What you doing today? Care to join me?

  1. I have this fantasy of a nice lotto win and taking certain family members for the flower show one year, another year to go to Japan and do soring gardens there……

    Ah well, one can dream

  2. I think some reading would go down very well right now – the weather being as miserable as it is now…a cat on each side, some green tea…

  3. I would love to join you! I’ll be doing one thing I dread and one fun thing today. I have an early doctor’s appointment and then later I’ll meet a friend for lunch and a movie.

  4. I would love to be in Cape town, maybe climbing the mountain? But I am on a train to dublin to meet up with family from Canada, so the mountain will have to wait a little bit

  5. I had my first mani and pedi last week. Sheer bliss. I wouldn’t mind a full body massage one day.
    I think today I will go with my DiL to deliver lunches to a few companies. Then we’ll go out to lunch ourselves (made by someone else!)

  6. I had the pleasure of attending the Chelsea Flower Show in 2003, something that I had long wanted to do. It was amazing, mind blowing really when you considered that 10 days before the wonderful gardens we were viewing did not exist at all but they all looked like they had been there forever.

    Right now I would rather be outside in the sunshine doing anything than sitting in my office but deadlines loom …

  7. I’ve done a spa day once – did not much enjoy it for whatever reason. Don’t really like complete strangers touching me.
    So I’ll probably be joining you for a stroll through the flower show 😉
    And definitely a read and relax in my garden!!

  8. It’s a beautiful down here at the beach, but I have to go shopping for birthday presents for my sister and mom. Maybe I’ll have time for a walk along the promenade later. All your daydream options sound appealing too. 🙂

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