Rocky Horror, Prime Circle and the UFO

Did you have a good New Year? Lots of festivities and happiness, or early to bed and slept through?

Hubby and I were hoping to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but sadly it was fully booked. Such a shame as I was so looking forward to welcoming in the New Year with Dr. Frank N. Furter.

Oh well, maybe next year. Um, correction, this coming New Years eve – nothing like looking ahead is there – I’ll do all my bookings early i.e. not three days before.  Although I must say I was quite taken aback that Capetonians actually pre-booked well in advance for something, because let’s be fair here, ye old mountain goats do lean towards last minute decisions.

Well we headed to the Waterfront, which was pumping – wind and people that is. Prime Circle were billed, and even well before they were due on stage other bands were blasting out a noise, entertaining many and no doubt startling just as many in the process. Hubby was in the startled brigade and wasn’t keen on eating his fish ‘n chips wearing earmuffs, which seemed pretty ridiculous to me as his hands wouldn’t have been compromised. But anyway, he got his way, and with that in mind we ate at Willoughby’s and headed home shortly after.

Back home we went wild and watched the TV. Honestly the excitement of the night was so much I was poised to scream. Anyway, just prior to midnight I was out in the garden when I swear I saw a UFO. And before you say anything, it was well before we popped the champers!!!! So where was I, oh yes here. Looking skyward, I spotted a fast moving, bright light, that was certainly not a plane; the light was single and the speed was way too fast, as well as it seemed quite low. Hubby said he was sure it was a satellite, but I’m not so sure about this. If anything I would put money on it being a UFO whose occupants after scanning my retina and internal organs, decided I wasn’t quite up to scratch and left me standing. While I’m pretty chuffed about remaining on earth, I can’t help thinking how rude they were, I am after all quite delightful.


14 thoughts on “Rocky Horror, Prime Circle and the UFO

  1. Hahaha. Sounds like a really exciting New Year, Ruth. I can well understand how miffed you are that the aliens didn’t think you worthy of further research. Maybe they’ll reconsider, and come back for you. 😕

  2. Seems to have been fun even if hubby was a damp duvet.
    It was a night for UFOs. Ours came pretending to be a firework with multiple lights, but, it didn’t go out, and after travelling rather fast considering there was no wind at ground level, suddenly did a dramatic course change.

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