what you doing?

Anybody doing anything nice this weekend? Heading off hiking, wine tasting, shopping, wedding, sharpening your teeth or finding a way out of not eating haggis for Sunday lunch?

So far I’ve hit the shops this morning and almost purchased an Apple Mac Air, could well be heading back tomorrow to do so. Anybody have thoughts on this lightweight piece of hardware? Then tonight hubby and I are out for supper to 95 Keerom.  Not been there before, but have heard good things. For a change I think I’ll pull on something nice to wear and splatter some makeup on my face, not that either will make eating any easier that is. 

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are heading to Kalk Bay for a mooch around the shops, my main interest being the junk, err sorry, Antique shops where I can have a good old giggle at some of the things on sale. Aren’t you constantly amazed at the price of items that must have originated from the ark, but are now labelled as distressed?  Distressed being a euphemism for if you want to be chic you need to buy this NOW. Might even stop off for a bit of breakfast if I’m lucky.

What’s your favourite Kalk Bay place to visit?  I used to really enjoy the Brass Bell, but feel the vibe has changed with the many additions been added. There was something really wonderful about watching the sea crash against the rocks as you sat in the main restaurant munching.

Cape to Cuba, been there a couple of times, really love the quirky décor there, the food is not bad either, but hubby isn’t mad on it.  Oh yes and what about Harbour House. Spent several evenings there enjoying the winter special, and a few weekend lunches too I might add.  And of course who could forget Olympia Café, one of the most popular places on the planet. 

Ok, this is starting to feel like a tourist guide to eating places in Kalk Bay, so I will shut up now and end with a final place I like to visit Kalk Bay Books, one of the few remaining independent book sellers who don’t seem to mind you browsing.

So that’s me then, what you doing? Maybe I’ll bump into you somewhere?







18 thoughts on “what you doing?

  1. My daughters have Macbooks and love them. I have a Dell. Tomorrow I’m going to search for something special for my daughter’s 21st 🙂 Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow Ruth 🙂

    1. thank you, so far so good. Best of luck with finding something for your daughter’s 21st. That’s always a tricky one. I also have a Dell at the moment, but find it heavy to carry around. have a good Sunday 🙂

  2. I’ve had my MacBook Air for a couple of years now, and absolutely adore it. 🙂 you won’t be sorry if you buy one, except that you’ll be paying the SA price and not the US price like I did. 🙂 Been to see my mom this morning. Cut her finger nails and curled her hair, then went to see my sister for hot cross buns. Tomorrow is a free day, so I’ll see what I feel like doing when I get up. Maybe a walk along the beach. 🙂 Enjoy your visit to Kalk Bay. I don’t think I’ve been there. xx

    1. thank you for the mac feedback. By tomorrow I am pretty sure I will be sitting with it on my lap, installing office for mac.
      Hot cross buns, yummy. Come the end of April I could well have eaten a record number.
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂

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