Kalk Bay, chilled coffee and a whole lot of clutter

In my previous post I mentioned hubby and I would be taking a trip to Kalk Bay on Sunday.  And who’d have thought we could have picked such a beautiful day?  Stunning blue sky, major heat, vibey shops, amazing eateries, and as expected plenty of good folk just generally enjoying a special Sunday Morning.

I took some photos and thought I’d share a few things that caught my eye. Who knows, maybe this coming weekend you’ll take a trip there yourself. And for those far, far away, maybe keep it in mind when you visit Cape Town one day.

This is a lovely little deli, open about 5 months now, forming part of the Kalk Bay Books building



These don’t need a lot of introduction, other than to offer a thought of where they may have travelled



A whole lot of who knows what



Located next to Kalk Bay Train Station


Question time


Can you see the sea beyond the train station?


Peering down a side road


Bit more clutter


Stopped off here, sat at a table on the pavement for a chilled coffee


Pretty nice place to be


And finally, how about having this little man in the house?





23 thoughts on “Kalk Bay, chilled coffee and a whole lot of clutter

    1. I think your grandma would be amazed at how the place has been transformed. While I think much is for the good, I can’t help think how tranquil it must have been years and years ago.

  1. So much to see there, Ruth. Love the lipstick/mascara quote. (Why did I think of Reeva when I read that?) 😦 The brave little muscleman is so very cute, but I wouldn’t give you tuppence for those battered cases. 🙂

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