Sleep deprivation and knickers inside out

video: Courtesy YouTube

How do you know when you’ve not had enough sleep? Well for me the signs are pretty darn obvious, with this morning being toothpaste on the wrong side of the brush, and knickers on inside out.

With that in mind my best remedy is to turn my car into a moving juke box, as in crank up the music and hit the tarmac. I have one song – Tears for Fears – Everybody wants to rule the world – that I blast myself awake with, and before you know it my steering wheel is a drum set, my seat becomes a bit of a trampoline and the paintwork seems to beam with happiness. Singing happens, but the less I say about that the better.

No doubt many, many people who live close to Newlands Rugby Stadium will have heard it as I pulled up to swipe my tag into the parking this morning, music still blaring. If you did, I can only but say, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


11 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation and knickers inside out

  1. talesofwhimsy

    I hear ya sista. I might be a 37 year old minidriving mommy but when I’m in my car, I love to blare my tunes and jam out.

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