20 years on and taking a leap of faith with Jedland

Unbelievably, this past weekend I celebrated 20 years of working. And if that’s not enough to contemplate, then how about working at the same place, for that complete 20 years?  

I’d like to say I’m at a loss for words as to why I’ve stayed so long, but I can’t, because the reason is easy, the people. They make me laugh, they give me lock jaw from grinding my teeth, but mostly they’ve carried me through life’s happy days, and. . . the not so happy days. 

That said, there is one special person I have to mention, and that person be my bestie Natty. Natty and I have worked together for the whole 20 years, and I have to say she has kept me going throughout. She’s been there when I’ve wanted to lob my laptop over the balcony . . . with or without a colleague attached, as well enduring my jabbering on at lunch time, and of course laughing with me, and no doubt at me, on oh so many occasions.  Thank you Natty, you are the greatest 🙂

So 20 years on, and now is the time to take a leap of faith. And as I’m a bit of a comfort zone girl, reasonably happy to fly under the radar so to speak, this is a biggie for me.  I’m going to publish my novel – Jedland – on Amazon kindle. I love this book. I think it’s a little gem and I hope everybody else will love it to. Not sure if I should have a fanfare and popping of bubbles, or if the press need to be invited, we will see.

I leave you today with a big smile and a watch this space 🙂 





24 thoughts on “20 years on and taking a leap of faith with Jedland

  1. Natty

    And Natty never reads her blog but today I decided to do it and wow I get a mention 🙂 if it wasn’t for my shining star we would never had made the 20 years …. and I can’t wait to buy the book!!!!

  2. hedgehog118

    Well done you, will you beat my total of 23 years at one job, I will watch this space, Soon as the book book it’s the Kindle shelf I will be wanting your autograph…..Good luck with that

  3. Congratulations Ruth! 20 years at one company is a huge accomplishment! You’re very fortunate to work with your Natty – it does make work bearable when you have a buddy by your side.

    And all the best with the publishing of your novel! That’s fantastic!

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