Terracota Soldier a long way from home

Terracota Soldier a long way from home

Who’d have thought we’d have bumped into a Terrocota soldier in Surrey? Must admit his conversation was muted, should have guessed by his stoney face . . . lame joke!


Anybody had the chance to visit the real place? I haven’t, but will be putting it on my wish list.

Holiday update: Heading home to Cape Town this evening. Mood update: GRUMPY AS HELL!


20 thoughts on “Terracota Soldier a long way from home

  1. shirley bradbury

    Nice photo! Did think once about going there but too much smog hope the storm has passed over before your flight otherwise you could be in for a bumpy ride

    1. shirley bradbury

      Like the pic! Did think about going one year but all that smog they have over there was very off putting

      1. We were there 15 years ago, before the smog took over. Cars were quite a rare sight in those days. Most people travelled around on non motorised transport such as bicycles or rickshaws. I’m sure things have changed a lot since then.

      1. We have / had a restaurant here in Jhb with some of these… but then I realized it is not the real thing. But I would love a whole army in my garden, imagine…

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