Flaming heck!

Got home safely only to find my phone/internet are down and Telkom will fix it within 17 days! Flaming heck using my little cellphone to blog etc is as much fun as wearing my bra back to front. . . You’d be best not to picture that by the way.

Even more horrendous we have no chocolate in the house, and with a storm of note belting down in Cape Town, it’s highly unlikely we will venture out to get some. Instead I will gaze at this photo from high tea at The Mount Nelson a few weeks back. Nope, not working, I STILL NEED CHOCOLATE!



11 thoughts on “Flaming heck!

  1. hedgehog118

    Wish you wouldn’t show those delicious cakes, now I must go and raid the kitchen ……..Telkom must be busy, that’s a long time to wait for service

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